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Blog Q&A with August Trainer of the Month: Ryan Ting

Q&A with August Trainer of the Month: Ryan Ting

Ryan Ting is an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Director, Pro Sports Performance Coach, Biomechanics Expert, 2 Time National Football Champion, and our August Trainer of the Month!

Q: Why do you like StrongBoard Balance?
Ryan:  StrongBoard is a favorite in our Functional Rehabilitation Center as our athletes are able to engage and hone in on their stability, strength, and control with their movements. I love StrongBoard Balance. It’s the ultimate tool to strengthen and optimize functional movement in all our athletes and patients.

Q: How is it different from other workout equipment you have used?
Ryan: The functionality and ability to engage athletes is very important, and that’s what makes StrongBoard Balance very unique from its competitors.

Q: Have you made any friendships using StrongBoard Balance?
Ryan: I have been able to strengthen relationships and empower my strength, conditioning, and my rehabilitation protocols based on this tool. Engaging athletes and proactively refining their technique is the ultimate goal that we are trying to achieve.

Q: How has adding StrongBoard Balance to your personal training program helped your business?
Ryan: It has allowed us to optimize our medical protocols and guidelines in order to progress our patients to full capacity. It has enabled us to stretch and challenge athletes with technical movement and help rehab our patients in a very progressive manner.

Q: Do you have a personal story about StrongBoard you would like to share?
Ryan: Although I have many stories regarding our patients and athletes on StrongBoard Balance, I will say that this is an excellent training tool that every athlete from every different sport may engage in. We fully endorse StrongBoard Balance as it has provided a platform to train athletes from all different ages, levels, and disciplines in order to take their craft, technique, and performance to the next level. Our elite gymnasts, dancers, and pro athletes from the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB love StrongBoard Balance and we consider them family!

Q: What is your favorite exercise or routine on StrongBoard and why?
Ryan: We use it to stretch and to balance off one leg. Our dynamic movements off of one leg challenges and engages all that step onto the board. If athletes are able to train dynamic movement off of one foot then they will be that much stronger, stable, and functional on the court or field.


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