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What is one area where we all would love to firm up? Oh, you know – it’s our mid-section. We all want the perfect six-pack. But why are washboard abs so hard to achieve?

With any exercise, it really does come down to nutrition. Trainers and nutritionists used to say it was 70% of your results. Now they are saying as much as 80%. You could be doing every abdominal exercise known to man and woman, but if you are eating poorly, you will never see them.

First, you need to make sure you are eating the correct number of calories to give the body the fuel it needs, to perform the certain exercises necessary, to help us achieve those phenomenal abdominals. Be sure to get an adequate amount of protein and complex carbohydrates. Try to cut back on salt, sugars, and alcohol. Fruit is great for you, but try to limit fruit to only the morning and / or afternoon meals. Watch your starches. Of course, it would also help a lot if you could eliminate white foods such as bread, pastas, rice, and sugars.

Drink plenty of water. Remember, water does not make you bloated! Water actually keeps your body’s core temperature up, thus keeping that metabolism burning high. The lack of water consumption is actually what gives you that bloated look. When the body starts to panic when it’s not getting enough water, it holds on to more water in case it becomes a frequent thing. In addition, water keeps everything in proper running order. The body is 70% water, you know!

Now, as far as exercise goes…. There are many types of abdominal – oblique exercises you can perform to get some nice washboard abs. This can also happen when you use StrongBoard Balance, if you would add some challenge to your normal plank poses. Remember, any exercise performed on the SBB also requires a constant contraction in your core. Of course, doing normal floor crunches, bicycles, etc., are keys to defining those abdominal muscles; but what’s even more important here is HOW you perform those exercises. Remember the term, “slow and steady wins the race”? Slow and steady is more effective in this case. Yes, you can move quickly through the exercises but then, you tend to use momentum to make the exercise easier, rather than actually using your muscles. By doing that, you are only cheating yourself! Look at it this way – if you are going to take the time to perform those exercises, get the most out of that exercise as you possibly can.

Have fun and good luck on your quest for the perfect abs. Have fun. Be healthy. Stay balanced.

A few exercises that an be performed with StrongBoard Balance for great abs:

* Full Plank Pose
* Fore-Arm Plank Pose
* Squat Thrusts
* Reverse Wood Chops
* Forearm Side Bends
* Plank Kicks

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