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A Balancing Act

StrongBoard Balance Board A Balancing Act


Getting on or off your StrongBoard can be challenging at first – it’s a balancing act. Luckily, there are proven techniques you can use to avoid injury. When you first get your StrongBoard, there is a card that explains how to properly get on/off your board. We’ll quickly review the steps and tell you what to expect when you first get on your board.

To get on, place your left foot on the board with all your weight, and then make sure the platform is touching the base. Put your right foot on the other side, transfer your weight and keep a slight bend in the knees.

To get off, transfer all your weight to your left foot until the platformm touches the base and step off the board with your right foot, then your left.

It sounds simple, but using the board can be challenging for first time users. Getting comfortable with getting on and off the board is recommended at first, before getting into more advanced exercises. Some people like to use a wall, counter or partner to help balance. Keeping your arms out horizontally can help as well. It is important to practice getting off and on several times before beginning any exercise routine. This will open the neuro pathways and improve your mind body connection.

You can expect some imbalance causing you to go back, forwards, left or right. Bounce around a little to get a feel for the range of motion. The imbalance you feel on the board comes from the spring technology. Your body weight or external weights (dumbbells etc.) compress the springs creating a reactive energy, destabilizing your platform. You may get good but you will NEVER find a point of total stabilization. Unlike other balance devices, StrongBoard will not get low in air, puncture, deflate, or ever stop challenging you. The more you strengthen and control your core and stabilizing muscles, the less imbalance you will feel. Of course it takes practice. Keep practicing and you too can become a master of balance!

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