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Blog 220 Fitness: “I was sculpting while getting in my cardio at the same time!”

220 Fitness: “I was sculpting while getting in my cardio at the same time!”


“I had never taken it until this morning but it was perfect! You use a mat, light dumb bells and obviously, a strong board, which is like a small plat form on springs that forces you in some way or another to use a majority of your muscles in order to keep your balance.

Sometimes we would use the weights and the board simultaneously, lunging onto the board with bicep curls, one-legged dead lifts on the board, or we would lay on our mat while putting our heels on the board and we would do hip thrusts and pulses while working out our chest with weights.

There was a lot of high intensity movements involved and moves to target large muscle groups like squats, jumping plank to squat, and isolated lunges on the board.

I liked this class a lot because there were a variety of movements that we could do with the board, it was a 45-minute class and I was sculpting while getting in my cardio at the same time!”

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