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Blog 10-Minute Tricks For Better Health

10-Minute Tricks For Better Health

StrongBoard Balance 10 min tricks

We know the more we move, the healthier we are. We improve our physique, as well as our cardiovascular system, our muscles, our brain, our metabolic systems, and our sense of wellbeing. If we can set aside 10 minutes every hour during our workday for better health, think of how active and sharp we would be!

Try this trick: set a timer for every 50 minutes. When it goes off you MUST move. 10 push-ups against the desk, squats over the chair, pull your abs in and hold for 30 seconds while breathing, walking lunges, leg raises from your chair, or simply a lap around the office. Like a smoker takes a smoke break, you can take a health break. Enjoy!

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