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How to Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body Back in Less Time

New moms know, we struggle with less “me-time” and more physical challenges by lifting baby and carrying baby gear everywhere we go.

Getting our pre-pregnancy body back sadly falls to the back burner when our number one priority is taking care of our new pride and joy. Finding time to get a shower, much less getting a solid hour to get to the gym becomes a constant challenge!

Even if you could get to the gym with child care, you don’t always want to leave your new baby with a literal stranger. How can you keep your mind on your workout, wondering, “is my baby ok? Comfortable? Crying?”

There’s nothing worse than falling into bed at the end of another day, knowing you didn’t get the workout your body desperately needs.

What if you could get more strength, more toned and more energy in your own home?

StrongBoard Balance gives you the ability to get fit where you are: at home in the living room, backyard, play room or the nursery.

  • Portable and electricity free
  • Burn calories faster
  • Fully functional workout
  • Low impact
  • More flexibility, strength and better balance.
  • Saves time: Work out in 3-5 minute intervals on your kids’ schedule.
  • Your own space.
  • With the support of our huge library of balance board fitness exercises on a balance board, you can craft your own workout routine in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule.

StrongBoard Balance Board BlueGet StrongBoard Balance now and see improvements in energy, stamina, and muscle tone right away.

Why wait to put your health first? Get your StrongBoard Balance Board now and start banishing post-partum baby weight right away. The longer you put off a fitness routine, the harder it is to get motivated again. You don’t have to put up with trying to fit a trip to the gym into your baby’s schedule or leaving baby to get your workout routine completed. You can start right away on your own turf, on your own schedule.

Rachael Novello,
New Mom

“After having my daughter I struggled to find the time and motivation to get back into a regular fitness routine. With two kiddos and a budding business, it was a challenge to set aside time to take care of myself. Using StrongBoard Balance I was able to literally transform my body in ways I wasn’t able to after the birth of my first child. I found my core rebounded back faster and stronger than with my previous pregnancy and fitness was fun again. One of the best parts of being a fit mom is when my son gets in on the action. He loves to imitate my exercises, especially if it means he gets to “surf” on the board!”

Pick My StrongBoard

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* We ask that you try our board for 30 days. If you don’t love the board, we’ll accept your pre-paid return with prior authorization, less shipping costs. Full details.