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Across the United States and most parts of the world, kids are having to stay home from school due to the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic. More than just a plape for homeschoolce ofeducation, school represents a place for kids to meet many of their needs. Not only does school reinforce learning and social skills, it also champions exercise through recess, physical education and sports. The switch to homeschooling presents little opportunity for structured movement which can result in detrimental health effects if not mitigated.

Parents everywhere are asking themselves, “How can I meet my child’s needs quickly and affordably… How can I provide the support for the physical needs of my child that schooling typically provides?” Without an outlet like school or a school’s various physical educational activities, kids don’t have the release they need.

Enter StrongBoard Balance board. This is a great fitness tool for kids, and adults alike, due to its portability, ease of use, and enormous range of exercises, plus kids of all ages will find exercise FUN with this stability trainer. 

Whether you wish to incorporate StrongBoard as an accessory to a standing desk, use it as a balancing platform during TV or on-screen breaks, or use it to follow a programmed  exercise routine, there are literally thousands of ways this product can return physical movement to your little one’s school for homeschool 2

Every StrongBoard comes with access to its website, hundreds of exercise programs and live classes. Parents can join their kids for family exercise, or assign bits of movement for recess and physical education.  Best of all, this tool mimics the spring riders at the park and naturally attracts children. It’s MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY provides an unlimited range of motion, creating a wholly unique experience of aerobic and anaerobic combinations to activate all muscle groups simultaneously, as well as  increasing core strength, equilibrium and assisting in joint movement.

It’s hard to come by a piece of exercise equipment that goes above and beyond the limitations of its own self, but StrongBoard is the true outlier in creating a sky’s-the-limit experience. For parents looking to get their kids moving and kids anxious to make the most of their homeschooling situation during the Pandemic, StrongBoard is a dream come true.