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While you can perform an abundance of exercises solely on your StrongBoard Balance board, we also love some of the other balance equipment out there. These items don’t necessarily provide all the stimulation and feedback that MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ does, but they have many other benefits. Below we have listed some of our favorite balance training equipment recommendations. This fitness equipment can also be used in conjunction with StrongBoard.

necessary balance equipmentBalance pads – Balance pads are perfect for an introduction to balance training. Unlike a typical balance board that is unstable, a balance pad is a cushy, destabilized piece of equipment that provides safety training to improve overall balance.





necessary balance equipmentWobble boards – Wobble boards are generally round, flat platforms with a firm ball in the middle (not air filled). They sit low to the ground and teeter back and forth in all directions, offering instability, especially at the ankle joint. However, unlike a StrongBoard, a wobble board is NOT considered a performance balance training tool.     



Fit Stix Pro & Slastix – The Fit Stik Pro, when paired with Slastix,necessary balance equipmentbecomes the ultimate functional training tool. Two swiveling eyelets make it perfect for rotational and asymmetrical exercises. The Slastix®, or sleeved-elastic, is a staple in Stroops
This durable resistance band adapts to your training needs. The clips
on each end make it easy to use any Stroops attachment for your workouts.
Clip the other end to an anchoring point and get moving.



necessary balance equipmentBalance Balls – The perfect piece of balance training equipment when you
don’t necessarily want to stand. Balance balls are great for back and
abdominal training, and can also be used with a balance board for an epic cross 
balance training workout session. Be mindful not to load too much weight on any air filled equipment.






To find out more about additional balance training equipment for training to use with your StrongBoard Balance board, visit our website and check out our Learning Center for exercises, tips, and tricks.