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Exercises Best Full Body Exercise for Torching Fat

Best Full Body Exercise for Torching Fat

The Modified Burpee to Donkey Kick to Rotational Hop Over is an advanced exercise and is considered High Intensity. This exercise is primarily for the lower body but will also work the shoulders, chest and the entire core. Be ready for this one. It will have you burning mass calories and increasing your VO2Max!

Featuring Rachael Novello of, SBB Certified Trainer and Instructor.
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  1. Start by holding StrongBoard Balance in front of your chest with a slight bend in your knees.
  2. Jump forward and squat as you land.
  3. Bring board down to floor and throw both legs back behind you, so that you are in a full plank position.
  4. With your shoulders directly over your hands, push from your feet and thrust your lower body as high as you can, pulling your knees into your chest.
  5. Kick your legs back out to plank position and immediately jump up to a standing position.
  6. From that point, immediately jump over the board as you rotate your body 180 degrees.
  7. The moment you land, go right into squat and pick up the board, bringing it to your chest.
  8. Repeat steps two through seven.
  9. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions/sets.

Tips: Be sure to brace your abs through entire set. Remember to breathe. Keep shoulders in your back pockets when standing. For more of a challenge, you can pause in squat position. You can also speed up your tempo and jump higher and/or add more kicks to your sets. Try this exercise for time. How many can you do in one minute? Five? Ten?

StrongBoard Balance utilizes MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ that works with your body to deliver the perfect amount of stimulation to keep your core musculature and stabilizing muscles engaged and contracted, while training your central nervous system, improving posture, proprioception and reaction time.

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