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Did you know there is a difference between balance and stability?

Balance is finding our center of gravity when we are still – such as standing on one leg or holding a single arm plank.

Stability is finding our center of gravity when we are in motion – simple activities such as walking around the block, navigating debris and clutter, catching a ball, bringing groceries into the house, going up on your tiptoes to reach something in the cupboard, bending over to tie your shoes, and picking up your little ones, all require core strength and stability. 

The benefits of balance training

It is important to note that most injuries happen when we are in motion, making stability training even more important than balance training. Most of us know core strength is important but proprioception, agility and reaction time are often overlooked when assessing our personal fitness goals. We don’t realize how important these things are until we need them, but luckily with a training tool such as StrongBoard Balance and a plan, one can work core, balance and stability at the same time and make gains very quickly.


The benefits of balance training are vast.

Be it for extreme sport enthusiasts such as snowboarders or surfers, or simply those who want to strengthen their core, StrongBoard makes balance training intuitive with its responsive design. Similarly, balance training keeps joint movement activated and constant which fights tendonitis and ensures pique body movement. Regular StrongBoard exercise supports natural functions from deteriorating and keeps real life movements smooth and seamless. Injury prevention after all is essential to one’s quality of life.

With or without sport specific goals, stability and maintaining desired body posture is the starting point for any and all journeys in health and wellness. Having correct posture is the make-or-break of many aspired routines, and implementing StrongBoard into your workout prepares your body for states of activated muscle use. Even using the tool during rest periods between weight training can be extremely beneficial to both maximizing a workout and giving stability training the time it deserves. Mobility is an immeasurable factor in strengthening posture to reduce hunched shoulders and relieve physical stress symptoms. 

Just as finding balance is a key factor in maintaining a clear and healthy mental state, increasing your body’s natural desire for stability will build confidence in overall daily stamina. The increased reaction time and coordination that comes from long term stability training is an enormous factor in pain free longevity.

With age comes the unfortunate loss of what once was easy, including general balance and stability. Using StrongBoard as a tool to build and maintain a base level of coordination will make a significant impact on longevity and overall health.

The additional benefits of strengthening one’s balance longevity is automatic prevention of tripping, falling, or any other balance related injury. Having complete control over core equilibrium means a more nuanced perception of risks relating to broad stability issues. Over time, StrongBoard’s enormous influence over a user’s balance introspection will heighten as naturally as simply building muscle. 

Gains in coordination will be quickly realized when the positive attributes of balance training are set in motion. Getting to a place where the body feels most natural is a terrific goal, but continuing the process increases coordination stamina for an even better sense of awareness and functionality. 

As balance training continues, all of these noticeable improvements will blend into other exercises naturally. Those who main running for cardio will see that the body’s natural desire for coordination stability will improve during their regular exercise. 

It’s key to remember that static muscle movement is atrophic and damages the body’s natural tools for fitness success. StrongBoard’s endless versatility allows users to isolate specific muscles, or engage in aerobic and anaerobic combinations to activate all muscle groups simultaneously. This is precisely why using StrongBoard at any fitness level works: If your your relationship to fitness is just blossoming, the tool is perfect for triggering tired and unused parts of your body, and if you’re a staple at your local gym, using the board will level up every regime you have going, while also maintaining and increasing tone and internal equilibrium. Adding stability training to your daily fitness regimen or beginning your physical health journey with StrongBoard will prepare your body for a lifetime of health benefits. The journey starts here!