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The perfect product for Fitness Professionals.

fitness-proGym Owners and Fitness Professionals Face Tough Challenges! You have to keep existing clients inspired and attract new ones, help persons of all fitness levels meet their goals, and stay on budget.

Making sure your gym or personal training practice meets the needs of all your clients is a tall order. Your clients come to you with a different fitness level and a wide range of goals. Balancing the needs of your business, with those of your clients is no easy task.

What if you could provide your clients a versatile fitness tool that benefited every level of fitness, and that was challenging, fun, and cost effective too?

StrongBoard Balance boards allow you to provide a fitness experience that meets the needs of every age, fitness level and goal. From the sedentary to the extreme athlete, StrongBoard Balance provides a new challenging workout that engages core muscles, and burns more calories of a traditional workout.

As a fitness professional, you already know how important a balance routine can be to any fitness plan. Balance board fitness improves over all balance and can prevent injury and strain by strengthening the proprioceptors around your joints. The stronger your core is, the more gains you can make with other key muscle groups. 

StrongBoard Balance Boards will inspire and motivate your clients. It’s fun to use and fun to watch. Clients realize results very quickly. Your clients will be eager to return to make gains in balance and flexibility they can see right away.

  • Affordable, Effective
  • Easy to store and maintain
  • Custom colors to match your branding
  • 3 year Manufacturer’s warranty – a full 2 years longer than any of our competitors
  • Works in every area of the gym (except the pool!)
  • Integrates with existing programs – individual or group fitness
  • Benefits every fitness level and goal
  • Educational Support with the support of our huge library of balance board fitness exercises
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Financing Options

financing-available for StrongBoard Balance BoardOur strategic alliance with TimePayments, allows us to offer financing on  4 or more boards.

Why wait to spice up your clients’ routines? Get your StrongBoard Balance Board now and see your clients’ motivation and progress blow off the charts.

Core Hammer Rotations

Bobby Strom
Strom Fitness , Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, CA

“The StrongBoard not only happens to be my favorite piece of exercise equipment but my clients as well. I love it for it’s Versatility, it’s Portability, it’s Price and It’s Effectiveness. It produces real results and quickly enough to please both myself and my clients. Everyone loves results and especially ones that are tangible in a quick enough period of time and that’s what the StrongBoard provides. It enhances all Sports Performance and that also makes it my most valuable piece of equipment. So for all my Golfers, Snow Boarders, Surfers, Tennis Players, Etc., the StrongBoard is invaluable. I also love using it with my senior citizens because just standing on the StrongBoard increases their strength and balance as well as their confidence. Having forty years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry I’ve seen a lot of exercise equipment come and go, mostly fads, but I can say with all certainty that the StrongBoard is a high quality piece of equipment that will be a permanent part of my Exercise Arsenal.”

Customize My StrongBoard

Coach LP, Owner
Team LP Fitness Playground, Santa Rosa, CA

The StrongBoard is one pretty amazing versatile “fitness toy”! The inventors have hit a grand slam with this bad boy by bringing it to the fitness market place. StrongBoard offers a “simple” yet challenging way for a person working by themselves or in a group fitness setting, to help build overall body strength and balance. I have used many other types of balance equipment tools in my long career as a fitness professional. Without hesitation, I rank StrongBoard as the #1 piece of balance equipment that can be used in unison with tubing, dumbbells, kettle bells, body blades, battling ropes, medicine balls and hammers to create an effective, safe and kick butt workout for myself as well as the members at our fitness facility. I give the StrongBoard TWO BIG THUMBS UP as a piece of equipment that would benifit any gym, studio or fitness professional by having it available to their clients/members.

Customize My StrongBoard
  • StrongBoard Balance® Board

  • StrongBoard MINI®