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“Like many of the other stability products on the market there is a broad range of exercises that can be performed on the StrongBoard Balance. With correct coaching and proper progression the board could be an effective tool for any Fitness Professional. From rehab to sports performance, bootcamps and group training this equipment had a broad range of applications…Overall the StrongBoard Balance provides the ability to train balance, core strength and posture. Its portability makes it easy to take anywhere and there is no set up required. It is shipped ready to use.”  ~American Council on Exercise

“What a fun way to test drive how well your hips, knees, ankles, and core [are] doing. The StrongBoard does not allow you to stabilize, which means your muscles are constantly working. You can amp up your workout by doing squats, pushups and lunges on the board.” ~Lori Corbin, health and fitness correspondent, ABC 7 Los Angeles

“Torch serious calories and tone up fast—all from the comfort of your living room. The lightweight StrongBoard Balance features springs that test your stability and therefore, fire up your core. Use it for push-ups, squats, and mountain climbers, or even for yoga poses, and you’ll get all the full-body toning benefits. ~Mallory Creveling,