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STABILITY Archives - StrongBoard Balance Board

Our Balance Blog provides the latest in Balance Board fitness news, exercise, health education, nutrition tips and more. Keep up to date with StrongBoard Balance board events and contest too!

Garage Gym Builder

Garage Gym Builder

"The StrongBoard balance board is a unique board that has revolutionized the industry by adding a spring component to balance work." To read the entire…
StrongBoard Balance Board Scott O'Neil

StrongBoard and Muscle Progression

  Muscle Confusion is a hot topic these days. Popular training programs tell their followers “mixing things up” is a great way to get bigger,…
StrongBoard Balance Board Calves 220 Fitness

Calves! What About Them?

Your calves are a group of muscles located in the back part of your lower leg. The group includes the gastrocnemius, soleus, peroneus longus, peroneus…