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Our Balance Blog provides the latest in Balance Board fitness news, exercise, health education, nutrition tips and more. Keep up to date with StrongBoard Balance board events and contest too!

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The Importance of a Strong Core

  Did you know your core is incorporated in almost every movement? When it comes down to fitness and exercise, everything comes back to balance…
Best Exercises for Better Sex

Best Exercises For Better Sex

A strong and healthy body doesn’t just perform well in the gym. Here are some of our favorite exercises on the StrongBoard Balance to help…
StrongBoard_Balance_Board_Side plank on StrongBoard Balance

How To Lose Those Love Handles

Love handles are excess fat that develop on the sides of the waistline. It seems they appear out of nowhere and once they appear they…


What is one area where we all would love to firm up? Oh, you know - it’s our mid-section. We all want the perfect six-pack.…