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BlogCommunity. Support. Health. Are you looking for fun exercises, motivational prose, fitness tips, clean eating recipes, and other information and feedback relating to general health? You’ve come to the right place. We cover all types of topics geared towards a healthy lifestyle. The StrongBoard Balance team is committed to sharing their knowledge with you in support of whatever journey you are on.  If you have any questions or would like to read about a certain topic please email

Our Balance Blog provides the latest in Balance Board fitness news, exercise, health education, nutrition tips and more. Keep up to date with StrongBoard Balance board events and contest too!

Not Every Workout Needs to Be a Killer When You're Just Starting Out! StrongBoard Balance Board

Ease Into a New Fitness Routine

It’s that time of year when you see the gyms get busier, classes get crowded, our normal running or cycling paths get swamped with new…
Sugar and Your Body

Your Body and Sugar

  The holiday months tend to be the worst for our diet, and mostly because of the increased amounts of refined and processed sugar available…
StrongBoard Balance Board Feel Great at ANY Age!

Aging and Exercise: Fitness Tips

As we get older, exercise becomes more of a necessity so we can prevent common injuries and enjoy our later life. However, as our bodies…
Calorie blog

What Are Calories?

For those looking to lose a few pounds or maintain their current weight, counting calories can be a great way to stay on track. There…
Motivation! StrongBoard Balance Board

Goal Setting | Tips & Suggestions

  Goal setting is one of the most important parts of developing an exercise routine. You have to keep reminding yourself what you are working…